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Aangepaste data basismodule en snijzaalpracticum


All dates for both dissection course and introduction in Hand Therapy has been changed!

Snijzaalpracticum The Hand Academy

The Hand Academy is organising a "hands-on" Dissection course Friday 11 December 2020.

On this special and unique day, the students are given the opportunity to do a complete dissection of a "forearm hand" themselves. At this dissection course a so-called "fresh frozen" forearms will be used. This means that these specimens are unprepared / unprocessed. The original texture and quality of the tissue is retained and it becomes possible to get a realistic image and feel of the functional anatomy.

The students work in pairs on one forearm and perform the dissection / preparation themselves. This day is led by a hand surgeon from the VUmc / The Hand Clinic and two teachers from the training.

More information can be found at Dissection course of The Hand Academy.