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Dissection course May 2019

Location : Medicine Faculty VU Medical Centre, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Participants : Hand Therapists; Rehab Physicians;
    Basic knowledge of anatomy of the upper limb is required.
Number of participants : minimum 16 – maximum 20
Fees : € 349,- (approx.. £315,-)
Rewards : Certificate of participation

Date: Friday, May 24th 2019


This Hand Dissection course is highly interactive and hands-on. We will use so-called ‘fresh frozen’ (fore)arms which means that the specimens are unprepared. The cadaver arms are well preserved and closely simulate the clinical situation. This is beneficial as it enables the participants to expand their in-depth understanding of hand and wrist anatomy.

The participants will work in doubles on a forearm and will dissect themselves so it will be a full day of practical skills sessions.

The day will be tutored by a hand surgeons from VU Medical Centre Amsterdam, and two teachers of the hand Academy.


After completion of the course you will have greater knowledge and understanding in the field of functional anatomy of the forearm, wrist and hand.

Course coordinators: Melanie Eissens / Victor Poppelaars