Terms and Conditions

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to set out the contractual basis for your relationship with the Academy, and to draw your attention to key terms.

1. Application

You register by filling in the online document. As soon as we have received your online application form, we will send you an email with confirmation. Enrolments will be ranked by registration. Without prior notice your enrolment is final regarding the concerning course that you applied for.

2. Payment

The invoice will be issued to you with your full details. It is your responsibility to ensure that the fees for the course are paid within 21 days after receiving the invoice. If your fees are paid by a third party that it accepts full liability for your fees, then the Hand Academy can invoice the third party directly. However you are responsible for notifying the Hand Academy and providing them with the correct billing details. Again, it will be your responsibility that the fees for the course are paid within 21 days after receiving the invoice. Subsequently, the Hand Academy reserves the right seek payment from you if recovery from the third party is unsuccessful.

3. Cancellation and refunds

You have the right to cancel your contract at any time within 14 days of enrolment. You will receive a full refund of any payments you have made. After 14 days your enrolment is final. If you give notice of cancellation after the final enrolment, you will be required to pay. This amount will be calculated as following;

  • More than 2 months prior to commencement of the course: 10% of the full amount.
  • 2 months - 1 month prior to commencement of the course: 25% of the full amount.
  • 1 month - 2 weeks prior to commencement of the course: 50% of the full amount.
  • Less than 2 weeks prior to commencement of the course: no refund.

If you cancel your place on a course but you are able to transfer your enrolment to a substitute, only transfer fees of €25,00 will be charged. The terms and conditions will then be inherited by the substitute. Refunds will be made within 14 days after notification.

The Hand Academy reserves the right to refuse you admission to your course if you have not paid all course and registration fees.

4. Cancellation by us

Where there are good reasons to do so the Hand Academy may cancel your course and will make every reasonable effort to give you as much notice of cancellation as possible. The Hand Academy’s liability when it cancels a course will be limited to a refund of any fees or charges paid for the cancelled course. The Hand Academy will also endeavour to offer to put you on a waiting list for the subsequent course date or to a transfer you to another course as an alternative, subject to payment or refund of any difference in purchase price.

There may be situations in which it is desirable or necessary for the Hand Academy to make changes in course provision, either before or after enrolment. The Hand Academy therefore reserves the right to:

  1. make reasonable changes to the timetable, location or academic staff specified for a course; and
  2. make reasonable changes to the content and syllabus of a course when necessary.

5. Quality

The Hand Academy will seek to deliver each course in accordance with the professional standards. If you have a complaint, please let us know so we can make alterations were and when needed. Are you unhappy about the way your complaint was handled by us, we do have an independent third party you can contact. Please ask the course coordinator for the details.

6. Privacy

By paying your fees you agree to the Hand Academy collecting and using necessary individual personal data, including, in exceptional circumstances, sensitive personal data. The Hand Academy, however, ensures that your data will only be used in a way which is fair, lawful and secure.

The Hand Academy may take visual and/or audio recordings of students during the course and use these for promotional, management or educational purposes. If you do not consent to this you must notify the coordinators of the course in writing before the start of your course.

Courselocation Amsterdam

See our location page for more info about the course location at BCN Amsterdam Arena.

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