Education Hand Therapy

Location BCN Amsterdam Arena
Delegates Physiotherapists/ Occupational Therapists
Number of participants Max 24
Level Post-grad training
Days 15 (including 2 x half days dissection)
Clinical placement 3 days
Costs € 3499,- (including coffee, tea and lunch)
Exam Yes
Reward Diploma when passing the exam, or certificate of attendance

Teaching days:

6 + 7 September
20 + 21 September
4 + 5 October
8 + 9 November
29 + 30 November
10 + 11 January 2025
7 + 8 February 2025
28 February 2025 (spare day)
1 March 2025

Exam: 22 March 2025

Re-exam: 5 April 2025

The aim is to integrate the dissection sessions within the teaching days but that is also depending on the availability of the space and cadavers. The three clinical placement days will be planned during the course.

What to expect

The Hand Therapy education is intensive and provides an extensive training. This high-quality training is for physiotherapists and occupational therapists who want to improve their professional development as hand therapists, including the progression of specialist knowledge, clinical skills and their understanding of the profession. A lot of attention will be paid to acquiring thorough knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and pathology. Clinical reasoning is key during all of our courses, as well as improving and performing practical skills. All instructors will use up-to-date knowledge and practical skills since all instructors are practising therapists or surgeons.

The dissection sessions are led by an experienced hand surgeon and during the session the delegates will dissect a cadaver themselves. We use fresh-froze cadavers which simulates real anatomy at it’s best. This is a unique opportunity and a very valuable part of the education.

In the clinical placements the delegates gain experience in different settings such as hospitals, private practises.


  • Anatomy, kinesiology and physiology of the upper limb
  • Wound healing
  • Scar and oedema management
  • Assessment of the hand and wrist
  • Assessment tools in Hand Therapy
  • Clinical reasoning
  • Introduction into splinting
  • Introduction into imaging and diagnostics for the hand and wrist
  • Medical and therapeutical interventions with a diversity of injuries such as fractures, ligamentous injuries, tendon injuries, replantation, crush injuries and deglovement
  • Splinting after flexor and extensor repairs
  • Exercises after flexor and extensor repairs
  • Pathophysiology, wound healing and interventions such as taping in less complex injuries as fractures and ligament injuries
  • Anatomy, repair and healing of peripheral nerve injuries
  • Psychosocial consequences after traumatic injuries
  • Client centered-practice
  • Pathophysiology of wrist injuries both traumatic as chronic
  • Hand therapeutical diagnostics and interventions in (rheumatoid) arthritis
  • Assessment tools in Hand Therapy
  • Dissection sessions
  • Pathophysiology in CRPS
  • Hand therapeutical diagnostics and interventions in CRPS

Instructors Contact
Victor Poppelaars Victor Poppelaars
Mattie Dapper Mattie Dapper
Mel Eissens Mel Eissens


Besides that, there will be several other teachers with experience and expertise in different topics within the field of hand therapy and hand surgery.

Courselocation Amsterdam

See our location page for more info about the course location at BCN Amsterdam Arena.

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